Date:   February 8, 2017

Zahra was born in the United Kingdom, brought up in Ghana, rooted in her Arab Heritage, and educated in Ghana, South Africa, the U.S. and China. She considers herself a globally minded citizen with a pan-African spirit and is guided by the philosophies of ‘Ubuntu’ – I am because we are – and ‘Sankofa’ – learn from the past to move forward. Zahra studied Global Affairs at Yale University with a focus on East Asia and African Studies and is passionate about the development of emerging countries. Determined to catalyze transformative growth on the African continent and fluent in Mandarin, she hopes to positively shape Sino-Africa affairs. She is currently a Consultant at Dalberg Global Development Advisors where she works to find innovative, human-centered solutions to challenging global issues. On weekends you can find her running along London’s canals, at jazz shows, and cooking more food than her guests can ever eat.

Zahra’s top tip for getting hired: Think about, believe in, and convincingly articulate your value proposition.