Date:   January 18, 2017

Glen is Head of Development Innovation at Nesta: he works with international development agencies, UN agencies, and foreign governments to design and deliver innovation programmes for those agencies. Glen has worked for over fifteen years supporting early stage innovation practice in over 30 countries. He was a founder at Bethnal Green Ventures, Europe’s first accelerator programme supporting ventures using technology to solve social and environmental problems. Before that, Glen worked with a range of social startups in Uganda and Zambia, after a decade building IT systems for Silicon Valley startups and seven years working as a designer. In his copious spare time, Glen runs The Kitschies – the prize for progressive, intelligent, and entertaining speculative fiction. He serves on a range of boards, including as a school governor for St. John’s Angell Town primary school in Brixton, the advisory board for Konnektis and PlaqueChecker, and others.

Glen’s top tip for getting hired: Have a really clear idea of what you want to do and then get to know the most interesting people that can help you do it.

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