Date:   March 12, 2015

Erinch currently leads the private sector team at Oxfam Great Britain. Since 2011, Erinch has been working at Oxfam to leverage business to tackle poverty and injustice. His work spans programmes (enterprise development) and campaigns (leading the scoring of food companies in the Behind the Brands campaign). He works directly with companies to help them understand their poverty impact and develop new business models. Erinch’s background is in business (P&G), law (Gadens Lawyers) and government (development advisor to Australia’s trade negotiation team in Indonesia). He has worked across Asia, Africa, and Indonesia, Thailand and Kenya. He is an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes and regularly lectures on sustainable business at various universities.

Erinch’s top tip for getting hired: Be curious and patient — curiosity breeds persistence and patience allows you to beat short-term anxieties

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