Date:   February 2, 2017

Carlijn is a partner with Dalberg and heads Dalberg’s Johannesburg office. Most of her work focuses on healthcare, financial inclusion, innovative finance and inclusive business and she works across Africa. Her work is very diverse, ranging from market research, developing a greenfield business offering, and plan for a chain of low-cost pharmacies in urban slums to developing the regional financial inclusion strategy for SADC. Because of the complexity of the problems Dalberg addresses, she often brings together stakeholders from public, private and social sector as no single actor can bring about the full change required. Carlijn joined Dalberg after 7 years with McKinsey and Company in the Netherlands. She also worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on their Official Development Assistance portfolio. She is originally from the Netherlands and lives in Pretoria with her husband and their two adorable dogs.

Carlijn’s top tip for getting hired: Be passionate about the position you apply for and do background research into the organisation and the field they work in, so you can refer to their insights and use the right language. Be honest about your challenges and development needs – nobody is perfect! Also be clear about what you are NOT looking for – better to not be hired than to end up in a job you’re not good at, don’t like or both…

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